Why Spark?

Here’s why you should consider a set of Spark-built wheels: we are fiercely passionate about we do. We’re passionate about wheels and how they can radically change the experience of your ride. We’re also passionate about how you experience buying those wheels and our sparkwheelworks.com site speaks to this. Spend some time reading about what and how we make some of the best wheels in the industry, and then go spend some time finding your next wheel set.

A custom wheel set is like no other.

And by, “no other”, we mean a wheel set tuned and aesthetically designed for you . . . and only you—the true bespoke wheel. Just like the tailor or seamstress of old handcrafted a suit or dress from the highest quality of materials according to his or her customer’s needs, Spark’s signature and full-custom wheels are designed and hand-built with the best products available bearing a single rider and their needs in mind. But in today’s busy world, it takes a lot of time to go from contacting a wheel builder to having your personal wheels on your bike. And we know that.

To complement what we think are the finest wheels in the industry, we’ve spent countless hours building what we think is one of the finest custom wheel sites in the industry. We offer multiple avenues to help you find the best wheels for you. There are no excessive marketing campaigns or large management staff to water-down the products at Spark Wheel Works . We just focus on creating the most intuitive site interface to get you wheels with transparent quality (see our Spark Process below) and good-looks in all of the wheels that leave Spark Wheel Works. Oh . . . and they ride rock-solid, too!

Each wheel build involves two main components: a proven wheel building method and a detailed design process.

Without letting the entire cat out of the bag, there are a few details within the Spark build method that sets a Spark-built wheel set apart from others. First, every build from start to finish takes at least two hours to complete because of the durable lubricants and additional building parts we use to ensure spoke nipple freezing does not occur. Whereas many mass-manufacturers of bike wheels pride themselves in the extremely short time it takes them to build a wheel, we feel that’s to their advantage, not yours.

We’re happy to spend the time it takes us to build each wheel because we know that means those wheels will be serviceable and durable for years to come. Secondly, every wheel goes through a four-step build process where spokes are pre-stressed, spokes heads are set, and spoke tension is equally distributed within 3% of each spoke and within 10% of max tension to ensure you get the laterally stiffest wheel possible. To back-up our build quality, we offer an industry-leading warranty process. See our FAQ section for the entire warranty program.

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